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Welcome to Manek Aromatics

Incorporated in 1995. A sister concern of Maneklal & Bros.

Our Core Expertise

  Our fragrance range caters to a wide range of applications.


We are at the forefront of many fresh and innovative fragrances.

Incense Stick

Incense sticks are used for various purposes including for aesthetic reasons, ce ...

Fine Fragrance

Our fine fragrances, crafted from the finest palette of ingredients, give a rich ...

Arabic Fragrances

Oriental fragrances have been an inseparable part of Arab culture since its ince ...

Personal Care

Fragrances are incorporated into nearly every personal care product and play a v ...

Air & Home Care

A well ordered home and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere are key to good hea ...

Laundry & Fabric Care

Our fragrances evoke the feeling of freshness and are created to last on the fab ...


Custom Fragrances

Custom Fragrances

We can develop fragrances as per customer requirements. We will work closely with you to better unde ...

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Manek Aromatics has a state-of-the-art semi-automatic manufacturing facility ensuring fast productio ...